02 December 2005

DJ Bruja GASH Xmas Bash 2004 Mix

GASHcast #11 - DJ Bruja's GASH Xmas Bash 2004 Mix - (21.3 mb - 37 minutes) -

After hours and hours of GASH in the eye partying at the GASH Xmas Bash 2004 the club was a mess. It looked like a battlefield. There was wreckage, smoke, people strewn across the floor and bruised and battered survivors crawling about. A few of the Hardcore people propped themselves up against the bar and downed yet more drinks as it didn't seem to make a difference anymore. The early hours of the morning were hitting people hard, a large number of people had already retreated back to the trenches to nurse hangovers. Then, slowly but surely from the speakers drifted the calming vibes of Barber's Adagio for Strings. Little did the survivors know that the huge soundsystem was about to strike again...when they least expected it....when everyone was falling asleep...this was a wake up call, DJ Bruja style.