19 August 2006

V/Vm 365 January Mix

GASHcast #18 - V/Vm January Mix - Mixed by DJ Bruja - ( 45.2 mb - 49 minutes)

As part of V/Vm 365 GASHcast Presents DJ Bruja's Mix of the January releases from the project (more mixes to come depending on the feedback). V/Vm has previously been featured on Radio 1's Breezeblock and consists of "experimental" tracks. This will probably be the last ever project from the record label ever so grab your vinyls, CDs and MP3s while they're hot cus it's all bootlegs from here on in.

"The idea is basically to create and upload free audio for one whole year and leave a massive big mess behind, warts and all for you to digest as you see fit."

For more information on the project and thousands of free tracks go to http://www.brainwashed.com/vvm/micro/vvmt365/index.htm