13 April 2007

Mushrave Mashup

GASHcast #21 - Mushrave Mashup by Brewmachine ( 66.4 mb - 1 hour 13 minutes)

A mix ranging from IDM and electronica through to jungle and gabba breakcore.

Contact: myspace.com/djbrewmachine or Oi_bowers@hotmail.com
Info: From Manchester, been producing and dj'in jungle/breakcore/electronica for around 3 years. Playing festivals, parties and anywhere else that'll have me :)

Tracklisting :

Aphex Twin: Windowlicker
Squarepusher: Red hot car
Aphex Twin: 168bpm
Squarepusher: Venus no.17 (acid mix)
Mu-Ziq: Ease Up
The Bug: Killer
Babylon timewarp : Durban Poison
Topcat : Police in helicopter
Remarc : Bad no bloodclaat
Remarc : Drum n Bass wise
Krumble : Dark Drumingz
A-sides : Into existence
Enduser : Vishnu's Eastern Bloc
Exile : Broken language
Krumble: Ultrash talking
Soundmurderer : Lock it off
KGBkid : Bad bwoy dub plate
Kid 606: Buckle up
Krumble: Bad premonition
Redlight : Coca-Cola (remix)
Soundmurderer : Killer

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