05 April 2006

DJ Kluska

GASHcast #15 - DJ Kluska Live Chillout Mix - (73.4 mb - 1 hour 20 minutes)

This mix was recorded live in the late hours of the morning by DJ Kluska

About DJ Kluska:-

"I've been mixing for over a year, taught by my Friend Bazz who is a hard house DJ... I got bored of Hard house pretty quickly and stopped DJing for a while, but when I was sat outside a Stumblefunk (Manchester Based Breaks + DnB) tent in Sheffield over the summer I heard some sounds that motivated me to spend all the money I can ever scrape together on vinyl! Breakbeat Vinyl :)

We squatted a pub for a while, and in that pub we had many, many parties! That was ace because I played a set at all of them and was good to be able to play in front of people while I was learning, it sorta broke the stage fright barrier.. (Although not completely!)

Recently I'm being quite "distracted" by jungle and Drum n Bass.. because I love it!!! (Not quite as much as Breaks... not quite..) so hopefully more of that to come!"

Contact:- the_peculiar_one@goowy.com
Web:- www.myspace.com/pipthedj