25 April 2006

Plasmastorm - Live at Haigh Hall

GASHcast #16 - Plasmastorm - Live at Haigh Hall - ( 28.5 mb - 32 minutes)

This mix was recorded live at Haigh Hall Festival, Wigan on the 19th of June 2005.

About Plasmastorm:-

"Starting as a solo outlet for Heapy's dance music tendancies, the band has become a veritable carnival of bit-players, hangers-on and sychophants ;) First there was Stocko, famed for his crowd interaction skillz and ability to make a fool out of himself without giving a sh!t... Then Baz the Axe-man became a live regular after adding his amazing riffs to "The Devil Within"... First and foremost, this band is about having fun with music, people, dancing and chemistry!!"

Contact:- plasmastorm@blueyonder.co.uk
Web:- www.plasmastorm.co.uk